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Edward Snowden a fugitive in Russia he let US to decide his “amnesty or clemency”



Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday called National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden a fugitive and challenged him to “man up and come back to the United States.” Snowden says in an interview that he would like to go home.

The former NSA contract systems analyst is living in Russia on a temporary grant of asylum after leaking a massive volume of NSA documents to the media. He told anchorman Brian Williams of NBC News that he had taken action in the belief that he was serving his country in exposing the surveillance programs of the NSA.

“I don’t think there’s ever been any question that I’d like to go home,” Snowden said in a segment of the interview broadcast Wednesday night. “Now, whether amnesty or clemency ever becomes a possibility is not for me to say. That’s a debate for the public and the government to decide. But, if I could go anywhere in the world, that place would be home.”

Kerry’s comments came before NBC aired that portion of the Snowden interview. On the matter of Snowden returning, Kerry told NBC’s “Today” show: “If Mr. Snowden wants to come back to the United States, we’ll have him on a flight today.” Kerry also said, “A patriot would not run away.”

Snowden told Williams that he worked undercover and overseas for the CIA and the NSA. He said he had a much larger role in U.S. intelligence than the government has acknowledged.

“I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover overseas,” he said.

National security adviser Susan Rice said in a CNN interview that Snowden never worked undercover.

As far as the necessity for the leaks, “let him come back and make his case,” Kerry said. “If he cares so much about America and he believes in America, he should trust the American system of justice.”

Snowden said he never intended to be holed up in Russia but was forced to go there because Washington decided to “revoke my passport.” In response, Kerry said: “Well, for a supposedly smart guy, that’s a pretty dumb answer, after all.”

“I think he’s confused,” Kerry said. “I think it’s very sad. But this is a man who has done great damage to his country.”

Ethiopia forced to Temporarily suspend 40,000 slave visas to Saudi due to recent a child murder

The Ethiopian government has Temporarily suspended  40,000 work visas for modern day slaves disguised as housemaids destined for Saudi Arabia .

Saudi Arabia last week announced the temporary recruitment ban while it investigates the alleged murder of children by Ethiopian maids.

A six-year-old girl died at her home in a town near the capital Riyadh last month after her throat was apparently cut with a knife. Her family has accused  their Ethiopian  slave maid of murdering her as a cover up.

Several similar incidents have led to discussion on social media websites about the apparent growing number of children dying falsely accusing slave maids.

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A hashtag on Twitter calling for the deportation of all Ethiopian domestic modern day slaves  has gained traction in recent weeks,since our site start exposing the modern day slave trade.

Others have blamed parents for leaving their children with African slave maids.

An official from the slave recruitment committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry told Arab News the Ethiopian government had stopped processing visas, including those started before the kingdom’s latest recruitment bandue to recent media exposure of the unjust trade.
He said Saudis who had initiated the visa process to hire an Ethiopian salve workers would have their money refunded.

There are an estimated 40,000 Ethiopian modern day  slaves entry visas for Saudi Arabia in process.

Saudi Arabia had been forced to increase its intake of Ethiopian domestic slave  workers after other labour exporting countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines banned their citizens from working in the kingdom because of disputes over exploitation and workers’ rights and modern day slavery.

In March, Saudi Arabia refused to sign a draft deal with Indonesia that would allow domestic slaves s to again seek work in the Gulf kingdom, claiming the Asian country was attempting to interfere in disputes involving Indonesian nationals in Saudi courts. Indonesia banned maid slaves from travelling to the country f in mid 2011 after requesting raises in minimum salary, weekly time off and reassurances over human rights after a number of cases of abuse by Saudi employers. Saudi responded by applying its own ban.

Last week, Saudi Arabia also passed historic modern day slave  legislation outlining the rules and responsibilities of both domestic  slaves.

The slaves only asked to respect  or penalized if they do not respect Islam, obey Saudi law or “carry out their duties perfectly”. They also must obey their employer and his family members, protect the family’s property, preserve family secrets and not harm children or elderly members, the new slave law reportedly states.

Saudi Refused to stop enslaving young Ethiopians

It is impractical to stop recruitment of housemaids from Ethiopia, said Dr. Mutlaq Al-Hazmi, member of the recruitment committee at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Al-Hazmi was responding to the demand made by several citizens following fatal crimes committed by Ethiopian housemaids recently.

To stop their recruitment, Al-Hazmi said, is difficult for the time being because there is no alternate country from which the Kingdom can recruit domestic helpers. He added that recruitment from Ethiopia can only be stopped permanently when recruitment procedures from the Philippines and India are completed. But, he said, so far nothing has been done in this regard.

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“Calls to deport all Ethiopian housemaids and cease recruitment from that country come from people who base their judgment on a few isolated cases,” Al-Hazmi said.  “But let me say this, Ethiopia is the only country around the world which can currently meet the large demand of Saudi families for domestic servants,” he said.

Each month, around 7,000-10,000 Ethiopian domestic helpers arrive in the Kingdom. Dr. Al-Hazmi called for setting up companies that farm out labor just like companies in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. These companies have reduced many of the violations committed by expatriate workers in the UAE and Kuwait. They select their labor carefully, test them medically, and provide them with proper training before sending them to work.

Abdul Baqi Ajlan, Saudi Ambassador to Ethiopia, said earlier that the Kingdom would require each housemaid to undergo psychological tests before moving to the Kingdom to work for a Saudi family. He added that this would definitely reduce violations and crimes committed by Ethiopian housemaids.

Meanwhile, the Philippine overseas labor department required all Filipino domestic helpers who want to travel to the Kingdom for work to enroll in an Arabic language program to learn the language and the Saudi culture, according to Manila Standard Today daily, which is issued in the Philippines. It was reported also that the labor department would provide future labor with classes that focus on self-control and ways to integrate with society and families in general. Domestic helpers will learn basic Arabic words and phrases that are used on daily basis at households.

The head of the national committee for recruitment, Saad Al-Baddah,  has called for an immediate ban on the recruitment of maids from Ethiopia.

Al-Baddah had previously called on ministers of health in the Gulf to conduct mental examinations on workers who are recruited to work in these countries.

He said the Kingdom recruits 80,000 workers a month of both genders.

“Ethiopian Regime Middle East Slave Trade” as Young maids Aljazeera’s Covering up


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This  a video organized by Aljazeera to cover the recent accord between the Ethiopian regime and that of Qatar government  which we have criticized as “Slave Trade young Ethiopian Girls sold to Arabs in  Middle East.” Calling back our article criticizing this accord, the two governments set this program to clean their images. Aljazeera as an organ of the government of Qatar acted to make this video for both states to assure the good functioning of the modern slave trade.

Many Ethiopian girls lost their lives either by direct killing or abuse of the slave master in Libya and Lebanon and other gulf countries. We invite you to see the following videos here under. Many lost their precious life thrown out of building tops, other burned with host water by a jealous wife of the master.

We condemned the accord and the media Aljazeera serving as a mouth piece to the dictatorial regime  of Ethiopia’s modern slave trade as a media of cover-up.

Writing the following big lie – “Ethiopia has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, but half of the country’s young workers are out of a job.”

Moreover, to cover that the 20 years of Ethiopian dictatorial regime’s inhuman  practice Aljazeera wrote “

This situation is prompting some people to use desperate and sometimes dangerous measures to find better opportunities elsewhere, including paying to be smuggled into other countries.”

Shamelessly  Aljazeera claim “ they chose to go to Middle Eastern countries as an alternative of their choice –“

Others choose the legal path and apply for work in Gulf countries. “

Shame on the government of Ethiopia and and shame on Aljazeera to cover up this in human modern slave trade.



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Ethiopian regime made pact with Qatar to continue  the modern day slavery   of Young Ethiopian girls

Qatar signed agreement to continue to import Ethiopian young girls for modern day slavery

Ethiopian regime since 1991 is known selling young  girls as a mid wives  and servant in gulf and middle eastern  Arabic countries. As we have seen in 2011 in Libya how the young girl boiled live and 2012 in Lebanon hanged. Many had thrown themselves  from a top of building to end their suffering in Lebanon. And other were beaten to death by a jealous wives.


The recent agreement between Qatar and Ethiopian dictatorial regime is a continues of of this modern time slavery instituted since 1991.  Ethiopia has agreed to send domestic workers, including maids, to Qatar but said it would need seemingly  monthly reports about salary payments to them and that their work timings should not exceed that agreed upon in their job contracts.

The dignity and rights of Ethiopian workers must be protected in Qatar, the country’s Minister of State for Labour and Social Affairs, Dr Zerihun Kebede known for making his riches selling Ethiopian girls to Arabs , told a visiting delegation of Qatar Chamber, representative body of the private sector.

He said requests to recruit Ethiopian domestics will need to be submitted to the country’s embassy in Doha, and it would be sent to manpower agencies in Ethiopia for approval in order to collect in the name of tax good some of their salary to the regime in the name of protection

However, an extensive mechanism is being put in place for the recruitment process to take off based on terms and conditions agreed on by both sides benefiting both regimes on the back of the Ethiopian slaves.

The wages paid to the Ethiopian domestics will be uniform, the Qatari delegation told Ethiopian officials. There are 120 manpower agencies in Qatar while the number of recognized recruitment agencies in Ethiopia is 380.

Those shortlisted for recruitment will have to undergo medical tests in Ethiopia, and later on here. If a worker is sent home on health grounds, all costs would be borne by the Ethiopian agency concerned. 



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Kenyans Torturous Race to circumvent ICC Tribunal to save the six Ocampo

Since 2007 contested election Kenya has become a center of intolerance, and the country’s capital city became a city of Human right abuse. The refuges from the neighboring countries especially that of Ethiopia and Somalia are victims of Kenyan corrupted Judiciary.  The Kenyan authorities are famous in killing out rightly their own voters in cold blood. You cannot walk on the streets of Kenya without been harassed and robbed in plane   day light by the corrupted security men as a foreigner. The worst of the Kenyan abuse reached the ears and eyes of the ICC, that of mass massacre of the innocent voters.

Finally , on December 15 last year, ICC prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo named six high officials responsible for the election massacre 2007 in Kenya known as the six Ocambo as responsible for the  :-

  1. Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta,
  2. Suspended Cabinet ministers William Ruto and
  3. Henry Kosgey,
  4. Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura,
  5. Former Police Commissioner Hussein Ali and Kass
  6. FM presenter Joshua Sang

These are the  six individual he wants to open cases against them  over the 2007 post-election violence.

Kenya the member of ICC is trying to get out of the organization in order to save the 6 convicted officials from appearing in the International court of justice. It is always easy to be a member and judge others. But it comes home it has become hard to apply. This has been proved by the recent parliamentary motion to change the constitution of the country which just been rectify by popular referendum.  The Kenyan MPs seem they can manipulate the law of the land to fit their needs not of the country. They even went further preparing to establish a local tribunal one like Rwanda to save the convicted officials so it would not trace up unto the president and prime minster himself.

In this shameful parliamentary debate Mr. Odinaga gave the following options as a way out from the crisis:-

  1. To set up a credible local judicial mechanism;
  2. To seek a resolution of the United Nations Security Council to defer the ICC process against the suspects;
  3. To withdraw from the Rome statute; or
  4. To let the ICC prosecutions to proceed which  he willl never let happen.

President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga discussed the establishment Rwanda type local tribunal as an alternative to trial at the Hague to save the six Kenyans under investigation by International Criminal Court.

And the first step towards circumventing the international community is to prove like Rwanda that “Kenya has the will and capacity to try the suspects locally is by undertaking comprehensive judicial reform.”

The President and the Prime Minister spent a considerable amount of time to exploring ways of appointing a new Chief Justice working around the provisions of the new Constitution which recognized fully the ICC and other international institutions Kenya is a member.

The Kenyan rulers  to do this job without any obstacle they have to prepare the  Chief Justice Evan Gicheru  to exit before the  enactment of this  new supreme law which will dope ICC.  They have to Sworn in a new Judicial Service Commission that should play a key in this manipulation of the Kenyan constitution with high responsibility the appointment a new Chief Justice in the image of Rwanda.

These high manipulators of the Kenyan highest law the newly  referendum passed constitution by the  in government is that if both Chief Justice Gicheru and Mr. Wako leave office alongside major steps towards reform completely changing the Kenyan Judiciary.

They also wanted to change the State Law Office and the Police Service; Kenyan and manipulators thought they will have headway to petition the ICC directly or through the United Nations Security Council. They thought this would suspend the hearings on the six Ocambos by the ICC, on the excuse that they are doing it themselves like Rwanda. And thus

President Kibaki and Mr. Odinga agreed to manipulate the ICC ways of getting the six off The Hague tentacles, since they know they  one has direct and the other  indirect  responsibilities  of the killings of 2007, while the six  took orders . This leaders during elections day of 2007 which brought one to power and the other contested like Ivory Coast .Both are in agreement  that they will  would still  establish a local tribunal to try  post-election violence suspects.

The two responsible for the outcome of the 2007 election also agreed behind doors, but publically showed reluctant to the  Motion that was passed by MPs urging the government to withdraw from the ICC and repeal the International Crimes Act.

Mr. Moreno-Ocampo who saw the ICC officials before them played double standard when it comes to the Ethiopian election of 2005   resumed working fast in order not to repeat the same mistake by unnecessary delay in Kenya.  The judges of Pre-Trial Chamber II expected to start scrutinizing the cases to determine whether the prosecutor has a case against the six Kenyans. They are expected to make their ruling either by the end of next month or early March.

As planned the Chief Justice Gicheru is set to walk away by February 27, while Mr. Wako’s record 20-year reign is set to end by August. In order to out run ICC judges there are indications he may be persuaded to leave earlier.  These are the guys who gave the hands of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan to the Turks  rather than independent  court through a third country in front of ICC or other tribunals.  Such  corrupted  act did not help the Turks or the Kurds to solve the century year old paralysis of Asia Minor on the  “The Question of Kurdistan” to a negotiated solution like Southern Sudan  to this  day.

Kenya needs a true democracy corruption and constitutional manipulation, foreigner persecution is a daily phenomena. If it continues with this rhythm the country will join its north eastern neighbor to be a fallen state.


Supporters of Raila Odinga

Name Position Profile Charges
William RutoWilliam Ruto Minister of Higher Education One of the most influential people in the Rift Valley, where the worst violence took place. Suspended as minister in October after being accused of corruption over land deal. Flew to The Hague in November to try to clear his name. Member of the Kalenjin community. Accused of planning even before the election to set up militias to attack supporters of President Kibaki. Alleged to have urged his supporters to uproot the weeds from the fields – referring to communities in the Rift Valley with origins elsewhere in the country.
Henry KosgeyHenry Kosgey Minister of Industrialisation Chairman of Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement. Recently denied charges of corruption over importing second-hand cars. Member of the Kalenjin community. Faces same charges to those brought against William Ruto of planning to set up militias to attack Kibaki supporters. Worst atrocity was the burning of a church near Eldoret where ethnic Kikuyus were sheltering.
Joshua SangJoshua Sang Reporter and executive of Kass FM Hosted morning shows on a Kalenjin-language radio station during the post-election violence in 2007/2008. Accused of planning attacks, along with Kosgey and Ruto, as well as whipping up ethnic hatred on the airwaves.

Supporters of Mwai Kibak

Name Position Profile Charges
Francis MuthauraFrancis Muthaura

Head of Civil Service,

Cabinet Secretary

A right-hand man of President Mwai Kibaki and seen as one of the most powerful unelected figures in the country. A former Kenyan ambassador at the United Nations and the European Union. From the Meru community, which is closely linked to President Kibaki’s Kikuyu group. Accused of developing a plan with Kenyatta and Ali to take revenge for attacks on Kikuyus and keep Kibaki in power. Muthaura allegedly met Mungiki leaders and ordered the police to let Mungiki members through road blocks while using excessive force against supporters of Raila Odinga.
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta Uhuru Kenyatta Deputy prime minister and finance minister
The son of Kenya’s founding president. Lost 2002 elections to Mwai Kibaki but backed him in 2007. His name means freedom in East Africa’s Swahili language. Like President Kibaki, a member of Kenya’s Kikuyu community – the country’s largest. Faces similar charges to Muthaura and Ali of developing a plan to take revenge for attacks on Kikuyus and keep Kibaki in power. Kenyatta was allegedly the focal point between the government and the Kikuyu Mungiki sect, which was sent to the Rift Valley, setting up road blocks and going house-to-house, killing some 150 suspected Odinga supporters.

Hussein AliP

Police chief during violence, now head of Postal Corporation Came to the police from Kenya’s Air Force. Made his name for cracking down on Nairobi’s Mungiki sect. From Kenya’s ethnic Somali community, which was not directly linked to the violence. Faces similar charges to Muthaura and Kenyatta of developing a plan to take revenge for attacks on Kikuyus and keep President Kibaki in power. Allegedly gave “shoot to kill” order to police after instruction from Muthaura. ICC says at least 100 Odinga supporters killed after indiscriminate police shooting.

Hussein Ali


ICC war crimes suspect travels in UN helicopter

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