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H.A.R.R.P Arm of Armageddon

The Horn of Africa is breaking apart a new ocean is been made a Magnitude 4.8 just hit the region as a recent manifestation risk to dams in the valley

Geologists working in the remote Afar region of Ethiopia say the ocean will eventually split the African continent in two, though it will take about 10 million years seems it is that end of time now we are in. As Many researchers are  described the events as “truly incredible”. Used to understanding changes in the planet on timescales of millions of years  have seen amazing changes in Afar in the past five years, where the continent is cracking open, quite literally underneath our feet. In 2005, a 60km long stretch of the earth opened up to a width of eight metres over a period of just ten days. Hot, molten rock from deep within the Earth is trickling to the surface and creating the split. Underground and  eruptions are still continuing and, ultimately, the horn of Africa will fall away and a new ocean will form. Thus producing risk in the dams being constructed in the  Ethiopian  side of the valley

2012 July 01 16:19:13 UTC

    • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
    Magnitude 4.8
    • Sunday, July 01, 2012 at 16:19:13 UTC
    • Sunday, July 01, 2012 at 07:19:13 PM at epicenter
    • Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
    Location 13.351°N, 41.779°E
    Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program
    Distances 64 km (39 miles) S of Eid, Eritrea
    110 km (68 miles) WNW of Assab, Eritrea
    190 km (118 miles) WSW of Zabid, Yemen
    193 km (119 miles) NNE of Dubti, Ethiopia
    Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 6.6 km (4.1 miles); depth fixed by location program
    Parameters NST= 47, Nph= 47, Dmin=232.5 km, Rmss=0.74 sec, Gp= 72°,
    M-type=body wave magnitude (Mb), Version=4
    Event ID us2012cmay
    • Did you feel it? Report shaking and damage at your location. You can also view a map displaying accumulated data from your report and others.



Major Tectonic Boundaries: Subduction Zones -purple, Ridges -red and Transform Faults -green

major Tectonic Boundaries: Subduction Zones -purple, Ridges -red and Transform Faults -green


“The East African Rift System (EARS) is one the geologic wonders of the world, a place where the earth’s tectonic forces are presently trying to create new plates by splitting apart old ones. In simple terms, a rift can be thought of as a fracture in the earth’s surface that widens over time, or more technically, as an elongate basin bounded by opposed steeply dipping normal faults. Geologists are still debating exactly how rifting comes about, but the process is so well displayed in East Africa (Ethiopia-Kenya-Uganda-Tanzania) that geologists have attached a name to the new plate-to-be; the Nubian Plate makes up most of Africa, while the smaller plate that is pulling away has been named the Somalian Plate (Figure 1). These two plates are moving away form each other and also away from the Arabian plate to the north. The point where these three plates meet in the Afar region of Ethiopia forms what is called a triple-junction. However, all the rifting in East Africa is not confined to the Horn of Africa; there is a lot of rifting activity further south as well, extending into Kenya and Tanzania and Great Lakes region of Africa. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the general geology of these rifts are and highlight the geologic processes involved in their formation.”




Ethiopian Ocean on making :- Earth Quake 4.5 on 31/05/2011 hit gulf of Aden stretching afar triangle and Omo river tectonic fault line of menacing dams




Today an earth quake of  4.5 – GULF OF ADEN – 2011-05-31 00:36 UTC  hit the gulf of Eden streaching to Afar triangle.

This seismicity on the  the fault line of the tree  tactonic plates is working to open  the coming new ocean dividing the Horn of Africa. The last three month has been actively moving. This is not a good news for the Omo river dams  in preparation by the Ethiopian regime since they are located on the fault line of this active plate movements.    [stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=440 height=360 dock=true controlbar=none bandwidth=high autostart=false /] [stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=440 height=360 dock=true controlbar=none bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Weather making , Eartquakes and Water spout of 30 May, 2011


[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A//–a8R-_f0s img=x:/–a8R-_f0s/0.jpg embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Eritrean Sea Earthquake Magnitude 4.4 menaces Millennium “Death Dams

Today’s earth quake of magnitude 4.4 moved the Red Sea which is a prelude for the making of Eastern African ocean. It has a direct impact on the different dams which are in construction in the Horn of Africa, especially that of the Millennium “Death  Dam”  in the the Nile region of Ethiopia. This the second earth quake in the region since the start of the Death Dam. On March 31 st Magnitude 4.6 – hit Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti border on Afar depression. This is the region where the new ocean is in formation. It is high risk for the population in the area to peruse damming by the dictatorial regime of Ethiopia especially the Omotic population in the rift Vally. The Afar region of Ethiopia is plate form of  a living volcano preparing the breaking of the continent for the creation of this new ocean of Ethiopia. It takes only  a dictator to  try to build dams on the splitting  plates of Eastern Africa trying to connect two separating plates with with a cement. Last year a 26 km  tunnel collapsed on the Omo Dam known as Gibe due to the earth’s movement on its diverging eastern African plates .

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Earthquake Location

Magnitude 4.4 NEAR THE East COAST OF Eritrea Tuesday, May 03, 2011 at 18:50:32 UTC

Major Tectonic Boundaries: Subduction Zones -purple, Ridges -red and Transform Faults -green
Major Tectonic Boundaries: Subduction Zones -purple, Ridges -red and Transform Faults -green
Preliminary Earthquake Report U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center World Data Center for Seismology, Denver
Fig. 1.1.

Star of Doom & Gloom, Kokeb of the 8th millennium, will approach the Earth on the Ethiopian New Year day 9/11/2011 8ተኛው ሺ ኮከብ በንቁጣጣሽና በኅዳር 1፤ 2004

In the Ancient Geez ( Ethiopic) the language of the ancient   Abyssinian astrological Codex,   known as Awede Negest,   Kokeb is a star body rather than Moon or Sun or a planet or comet. This is one of the kokeb that is waited to arrive to words our earth on September 11, 2011 on the     Ethiopian Enoch’s (ሄኖክ)*   calendar New Year. The Ethiopian calendar is predates that of the ancient Egyptian with certain similarities to the Copts by error it is called Julian calendar too. That day it will be September 1, 2004 seven year and eight months behind the Gregorian calendar, when our planet will be close to the Star. It is a calendar made by the ancient Abyssinian star gazers.  Ethiopia is located inside the tropics and is the closest place to the sun than any where on earth for   observing the sky in the naked eye.   Ethiopians of old times were raised up studying heavens  from plate of water or hole filled with water on the ground than looking up  though a telescope.

The 2and important date  11/11/2011 of Elenin  falls  significantly on the  1st  date of the Ethiopian 3rd month  Hedar 1, 2004 having a great sign in the Abyssinian astrological  book  Awede Negest. In Ethiopia is counted the 8th millennium though the dictatorial regime try to reduce it to two  millennium thus confusing the population not to follow the stars.

On that day the “Comet”    known to the ancient will   cross the ecliptic on line up with Mercury, the Sun, and the Earth.  It  will be getting close to Earth’s  proximity  that its orbit will reach during its turn around the sun.  The Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin in December 10, 2010 observed the “Comet” which he gave his name.    Many claimed NASA knew it earlier and kept in silence to keep the excitement down.

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=340 height=260 dock=true controlbar=none bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

9/11/11 is the date of the arrival “Comet/ planet /star/” of Doom or Gloom is not   Hoax   but rather   a scientific fact recognized by many astrophysicists and   NAZA.

When the Kokeb was  first discovered in December 20 last year, there was no concern of it coming close enough to the Earth the path  seems to be getting closer to Earth than they originally projected, could there be a Comet Elenin Collision Course with Earth?

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=340 height=260 dock=true controlbar=none bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Most of the astrophysicists and NAZA have identified the current path of Elenin with some degree of accuracy.   Though the length of time to complete its ellipse is not so well defined but based upon one set of data, Elenin s period could be 11,000 years.

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory SOHO – is a specific spacecraft that was created to observe the Sun, a cooperative between ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA. SOHO   has been observing Comet Elenin   for a while.

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=340 height=260 dock=true controlbar=none bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

The  Hopi’s  Kachina**

.  According to Hopi’s prophecy, the Blue Star Kachina acts as a warning, an alarm bell that announces the imminent arrival of the Red Star Kachina. The story is about the cyclical nature of life; it is a story about humanity forgetting to remember its purpose; it is a story of destruction and purification; it is a story repeated a thousand times throughout history; and as always, it is ultimately a story of renewal.

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The Sumerian Nibiru ***

The Sumerians  6000 years ago referred to an ancient planet called Nibiru, the 12th planet of our solar system. It was a rogue planet, causing havoc in our solar system as it passed through because its orbit was in the opposite direction of the planets. When it appeared, it did so in the shape of a red cross in the night sky before flipping the Earth’s poles.

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Nemesis of the Greeks ?

The theory of a companion sun is not new. It has often been described as Nemesis, after the Greek figure in mythology.

The mythological Nemesis was the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris, vengeful fate personified as a remorseless goddess. The name Nemesis is related to the Greek word meaning “to give what is due”.

Nemesis is now often used as a term to describe one’s worst enemy, normally someone or something that is the exact opposite of oneself but is also somehow similar. For example, Professor Moriarty is frequently described as the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.

“Opposite yet similar” is the perfect description for a companion to our Sun. But the name Nemesis also implies a sinister nature. Will this new Nemesis be beneficial or harmful to our lives?

Planet X of the Spanish ****

“Scientists at places like NASA and famous observatories have deflected inquiries about the discovery for a few years now, mainly because they feared being associated with these “fringe” theories. But like it or not — it has happened. Well… according to a team of Spanish artronomers who call themselves the StarViewer Team.

The group made the rounds of all the news web sites in the past two weeks, claiming they discovered something very significant. It’s almost twice the size of Jupiter and just beyond our furthest planetoid, Pluto. Although it’s not a planet, it appears to have planets or large satellites encircling it. It’s what astronomers call a “brown dwarf star” and its official name is “G1.9″.”

Concerning Elenin  little is known about this comet because of its relatively recent-discovery status, therefore, information regarding its size, mass, and orbit still vary widely or are missing altogether due to a lack of observational data. Still, astrophysicists have been plugging away at Elenin ever since it was discovered last year.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has an interactive diagram of Elenin’s orbit with the known information about the object plugged into variable positions. What is known is that Elenin is scheduled to make its perihelion turn around the sun in August of this year [2011]. Shortly after making its u-turn, Elenin will perform a fly-by of Earth, coming within 21,000,000 miles of Earth.  As a point of reference, the moon is roughly 240,000 miles from Earth.

Space distance is measured in astronomical units [a.u.], with 1 a.u. being the distance from the Earth to the sun. Elenin is currently estimated to pass within 0.24 a.u. of Earth after it makes its turn around the sun it suppose to begin heading back out into space.


The ecliptic is a horizontal field created by the planets and sun orbiting on a relatively flat plane. Many of these long-period objects do not travel along the ecliptic plane. They either come up from below the ecliptic, cross the ecliptic, or travel out above the ecliptic plane, or they do the opposite. As many astrologist though about planet X making havoc to the earth

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=340 height=260 dock=true controlbar=none bandwidth=high autostart=false /]


From October 10-24, 2011 comet Elenin is forecast to be within 0.25 a.u. of Earth, according to NASA JPL diagram.

*An Enochian year is completed in 364 days, Enoch 82:4-7 and Jubilees 6:23-28. More precisely, a 365-day-solar-year and the 365-year-solar-cycle appear as a 365-days-and-years single term. From the three books of Enoch, a curious 364-day length of calendar year lends new insight by reserving the last day of the solar year.  *65 is the year Enoch lived on earth before transfiguration according to the Bible.

**Comet Elenin and Hopi prophecy; Scribd

*** Sumerian description of our solar system; Mars-Earth

**** Spanish astronomers claim dwarf star beyond pluto; ViewZone

Japan doom’s day Earth Quake & Tsunami 3 days after Hawaiian Volcanic high movement showing the scenario of the coming days

The New Earthquake and Tsunami that followed March 12, 2011 devastation will join our past and the coming history of   two remote times in Japanese and world civilization. In the Antediluvian time of pre 12000BCE, the region of Yonaguni not far from the joining point of the three tectonic plates Eurasian, Pacific and Pilipino, once existed   the Japanese Atlantis. It was constructed with great curved rock hewn city similar to the Ethiopian highland Lalibela churches. Today under water vanished from our memories swept away by the moving plates of the earth. One thing sue the Japanese civilizing had had build cities hewn from rocks predicting the coming danger. We hope the nuclear stations and the coming cities are built out of such stones by dispersing the population in larger areas…


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Ethiopian Dome is Moving rapidly than expected creating an ocean, with approaching 2012 galactic alignment

As expected and predicted in the recent  past here in our site  the Eastern African  tectonic plates started moving faster  menacing the megalomaniac dams constructed in the moving rift valley rivers ( GebeI, GebeII, GebeIII and that of the Nile, power  Awash dams ) . These destructive dams have been constructed against the international criticism due to their disastrous    effects on the inhabitants of the riparian countries around Ethiopia, since the Abyssinian highland plateau has being the main source of life giving water as far as Egypt. Shebelle River for Somalia, Omo for Kenya, the rest is watering for Sudan and Djibouti. These destructive dams are not supported by geological and scientifically based nature friendly studies. They are rather build for the water power to be used against the surrounding countries  domination as recently manifested in the regime’s  declaration of  war against Egypt, a country only  depending on the dammed water of the Nile for her survival.

Triple Junction in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Image shows areas of stretched and oceanic crust as well as areas of exposed flood basalts that preceded rifting. Areas unshaded or covered by flood basalts represent normal continental crust. As the crust is pulled apart you end up with thinned crust with a complex mixture of continental and volcanic rock. Eventually the crust thins to the point where oceanic-type basalts are erupted which is the signal that new ocean crust is being formed. This can be seen in the Gulf of Aden as well as a small sliver within the Red Sea. The original extent of the flood basalts would have been greater, but large areas have been buried within the rift valley by other volcanic eruptions and sediments. Nasa photos

A magnitude 5.1-5.3  earthquake hit Hosanna town in Southwestern Ethiopia on   Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 12:14:24 UTC Local time at epicenter : Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 03:14:24 PM (at epicenter, Depth (Hypocenter) : 9.8 km
Send an “earthquake experience report” for this earthquake Geo-location(s) (horizontal uncertainty +/- 15.3 km) : Approx. 10 km from Hosanna, Fonka and Jajura 200 km (124 miles) SW (215°) from ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia 219 km (136 miles) N (9°) from Gidole, Ethiopia.

Last month, an earthquake swarm at Yemen caused alarm. The swarm was situated at the opening to the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aden, and seemed to be an unusual place for seismic activity.

According to the history of the area, at USGS, the Yemen-Gulf of Aden-Djibouti area IS seismic, but in a minor way. Between 1950 through Sunday in Hosanna this area had 56 earthquakes ranging between mag 4.0-5.9. There were no quakes greater than mag 5.9 during that date range. But in 2010 there have been 31 (as of 1:00pm), which is 2/3 as many as in the last sixty years. “

This famous volcanic landscape of the Afar Triangle region results from tectonic forces working deep below the surface as we have seen it above. The tectonically active nature of the Ethiopian Rift expresses itself in the many volcanic features in this area, including Erta Ale, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and numerous other volcanic cones and fissures.

Colored Digital Elevation Model showing tectonic plate boundaries, outlines of the elevation highs demonstrating the thermal bulges and large lakes of East Africa. The basemap is a Space Shuttle radar topography image by NASA.

“The highly active volcanic boundaries along the edges of tectonic ocean plates may suddenly break apart in large sections, instead of little by little as has been predominantly believed. In addition, such sudden large-scale events on land pose a much more serious hazard to populations living near the rift than would several smaller events”,  Prof. Cindy Ebinger, professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Rochester .

Rift segment names for the East African Rift System. Smaller segments are sometimes given their own names, and the names given to the main rift segments change depending on the source. Space Shuttle Atopography image by NASA.

Starting 2010 up unto the 2012 the earth is passing through an intensified magnetic filed in the galaxy centers increasing solar flares having a direct effect on seasons and climate change. This has been manifesting through  extreme weathers and tectonic movements  causing – freezing winters, hot summers,  heat waves, foods , landslides, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis etc.. Over a quarter million people in 2010 perished – the deadliest year in more than a generation.

The earth has gone in its geological histories in the past the same destructive and cleansing acts. In its historical records such events has been recorded in past civilizations. Based on the past events the ancient not only recorded but predicted such coming events. Ancient Ethiopic apocariftic   writing had predicted   the coming events at the end of times as being the 8th millennium events. The Ethiopian prediction is based on books like the pre deluvian Book of Enoch, and other secretly kept books coming down from the past .

The German meteorologist Alfred Wegener (1880-1930) called such movement as Continental Drift. He believed that the continents had at one time been joined together in a supercontinent that he named Pangaea, meaning “all lands.” In the other words if we follow  Wagner’s theory ,it seems  the earth was smaller from what we know it today as  it is constantly bulging like a balloon drifting the continent and land shift  apart. But if we look at tectonic theory the earth is the same see the following videos  and compare:-

This new tectonic activity on  Sunday December 19, 2010 in Hosanna on in the East African Rift Valley has aggravated to widen the vast fissures where the African Plate is being split into two parts. Five years ago , there was a major tectonic event in the Afar region when a rift 60 km (35 miles) long and 8 meters (26 feet) wide was torn apart  just in a few  days. It was with a series of earthquakes, and a volcanic eruption.

The Nubian Plate or the main plate of the African continent and on the eastern coast the Somalian Plate, are in constant movement in opposite directions at a divergent plate boundary creating an ocean. The region which will soon be under water is known as the Afar Triangle. The meeting point of this tectonic movement which includes north-eastern Ethiopia, Djibouti and the southern Red Sea region of Eritrea. The news ocean is created by theses diverging three plates moving away from each other due to an upwelling of magma from the mantle, which melts the crust and causes it to thin and pull apart. Horn of Africa or the part known as the Somalian Peninsula will secede from the rest of the continent, creating an island. This phenomenon is similar to the mid-ocean ridges, where hot magma rises up and pushes the oceanic crust out to each side in the process of seafloor spreading.

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H.A.R.R.P considered as New Arm of Armageddon of DOOM’s day as men play God?

Decades have passed since    HAARP has been suspected being responsible and an instrument of Armageddon bringing all recent earth quakes, floods, forest fires, drought that our planet is enduring. While others put the responsibility on the coming Doom’s day effect which will culminate on 2012 at the end of Maya calendar cycle.  The Ecologists put the main culprit being pollution caused by excessive use of fossil fuel all over the world. The religious leaders claimed   a sign of the end of the time as prophesied, when men play as God. These days’ voices have been raised against the installation of HAARP even among some political leaders. Most of the denunciation of the HAARP comes from some people one way or another worked in and around the project.

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HAARP The High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a program focused on the study of upper atmospheric and solar-terrestrial physics and Radio Science.

It has been there  since the 1950s to investigating the  fundamental physical principles which govern the earth’s ionosphere.

Brabcheces are found  in Puerto Rico, near the Arecibo Observatory, and the other (known as HIPAS) in Alaska near Fairbanks.

The  European Incoherent Scatter Radar site (EISCAT), a premier ionosphere research facility located in northern Norway near Tromso the offspring of HARRP. It has some reflect factlties all around the earth Jicamarca, Peru; near Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod (“SURA”) and Apatity, Russia; near Kharkov, Ukraine and in Dushanbe, Tadzhikistan.

HAARP in its offical site gives the follwing mains resons of its funtioning:-

  • The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
  • A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

HAARP is composed of  power, high-frequency (HF) phased array radio transmitter (known as the Ionosphere Research Instrument (IRI), used to stimulate  ionosphere,  geophysical research instruments including an HF ionosonde, ELF and VLF receivers, magnetometers, riometers, a UHF diagnostic radar and optical and infrared spectrometers and cameras which are used to observe the complex natural variations as well as to detect artificial effects produced by the IRI.

HARRP is a  big big  capacitor whcih  only stores and releases electrical energy, without dissipating any. In reality, all capacitors have imperfections within the capacitor’s material that create resistance.

Men through centuries were trying to harness energy  similar to the Ark of  covenant.  Th king of o kings of Ethiopia Menilk the II used the holy Ark to bit the invading Italian troops in 1896 at   the hills of Adwa . The Biblical account relates that during the trip of the Israelites, the Ark was carried by the priests ~2,000 cubits (Numbers 35:5; Joshua 4:5) in advance of the people and their army or host (Num. 4:5-6; 10:33-36; Psalms 68:1; 132:8). When the Ark was borne by priests into the bed of the Jordan, the river was separated, opening a pathway for the whole of the host to pass over (Josh. 3:15-16; 4:7-18). The Ark was borne in a seven day procession around the wall of Jericho by three priests sounding seven trumpets of rams’ horns, the city taken with a shout (Josh. 6:4-20). When carried, the Ark was always wrapped in a veil, in tachash skins (the identity of this animal is uncertain), and a blue cloth, and was carefully concealed, even from the eyes of the Levites who carried it.

HARRP is like a man made Ark which is made to control nature.

According to the its institute  HARRP  to ensure the safety of all flight operations in the vicinity of HAARP, the facility employs an aircraft alert radar (AAR) to automatically shut off appropriate transmissions when aircraft are detected either within or approaching a defined safety zone around the facility. Flight tests are conducted regularly to demonstrate the capability of the HAARP radar to detect even very small targets. Research operations are not conducted unless the AAR is operating satisfactorily.

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