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“Ethiopian Regime Middle East Slave Trade” as Young maids Aljazeera’s Covering up


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This  a video organized by Aljazeera to cover the recent accord between the Ethiopian regime and that of Qatar government  which we have criticized as “Slave Trade young Ethiopian Girls sold to Arabs in  Middle East.” Calling back our article criticizing this accord, the two governments set this program to clean their images. Aljazeera as an organ of the government of Qatar acted to make this video for both states to assure the good functioning of the modern slave trade.

Many Ethiopian girls lost their lives either by direct killing or abuse of the slave master in Libya and Lebanon and other gulf countries. We invite you to see the following videos here under. Many lost their precious life thrown out of building tops, other burned with host water by a jealous wife of the master.

We condemned the accord and the media Aljazeera serving as a mouth piece to the dictatorial regime  of Ethiopia’s modern slave trade as a media of cover-up.

Writing the following big lie – “Ethiopia has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, but half of the country’s young workers are out of a job.”

Moreover, to cover that the 20 years of Ethiopian dictatorial regime’s inhuman  practice Aljazeera wrote “

This situation is prompting some people to use desperate and sometimes dangerous measures to find better opportunities elsewhere, including paying to be smuggled into other countries.”

Shamelessly  Aljazeera claim “ they chose to go to Middle Eastern countries as an alternative of their choice –“

Others choose the legal path and apply for work in Gulf countries. “

Shame on the government of Ethiopia and and shame on Aljazeera to cover up this in human modern slave trade.



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Read our our first article:-


Ethiopian regime made pact with Qatar to continue  the modern day slavery   of Young Ethiopian girls

Qatar signed agreement to continue to import Ethiopian young girls for modern day slavery

Ethiopian regime since 1991 is known selling young  girls as a mid wives  and servant in gulf and middle eastern  Arabic countries. As we have seen in 2011 in Libya how the young girl boiled live and 2012 in Lebanon hanged. Many had thrown themselves  from a top of building to end their suffering in Lebanon. And other were beaten to death by a jealous wives.


The recent agreement between Qatar and Ethiopian dictatorial regime is a continues of of this modern time slavery instituted since 1991.  Ethiopia has agreed to send domestic workers, including maids, to Qatar but said it would need seemingly  monthly reports about salary payments to them and that their work timings should not exceed that agreed upon in their job contracts.

The dignity and rights of Ethiopian workers must be protected in Qatar, the country’s Minister of State for Labour and Social Affairs, Dr Zerihun Kebede known for making his riches selling Ethiopian girls to Arabs , told a visiting delegation of Qatar Chamber, representative body of the private sector.

He said requests to recruit Ethiopian domestics will need to be submitted to the country’s embassy in Doha, and it would be sent to manpower agencies in Ethiopia for approval in order to collect in the name of tax good some of their salary to the regime in the name of protection

However, an extensive mechanism is being put in place for the recruitment process to take off based on terms and conditions agreed on by both sides benefiting both regimes on the back of the Ethiopian slaves.

The wages paid to the Ethiopian domestics will be uniform, the Qatari delegation told Ethiopian officials. There are 120 manpower agencies in Qatar while the number of recognized recruitment agencies in Ethiopia is 380.

Those shortlisted for recruitment will have to undergo medical tests in Ethiopia, and later on here. If a worker is sent home on health grounds, all costs would be borne by the Ethiopian agency concerned. 



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