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Saudi Refused to stop enslaving young Ethiopians

It is impractical to stop recruitment of housemaids from Ethiopia, said Dr. Mutlaq Al-Hazmi, member of the recruitment committee at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Al-Hazmi was responding to the demand made by several citizens following fatal crimes committed by Ethiopian housemaids recently.

To stop their recruitment, Al-Hazmi said, is difficult for the time being because there is no alternate country from which the Kingdom can recruit domestic helpers. He added that recruitment from Ethiopia can only be stopped permanently when recruitment procedures from the Philippines and India are completed. But, he said, so far nothing has been done in this regard.

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“Calls to deport all Ethiopian housemaids and cease recruitment from that country come from people who base their judgment on a few isolated cases,” Al-Hazmi said.  “But let me say this, Ethiopia is the only country around the world which can currently meet the large demand of Saudi families for domestic servants,” he said.

Each month, around 7,000-10,000 Ethiopian domestic helpers arrive in the Kingdom. Dr. Al-Hazmi called for setting up companies that farm out labor just like companies in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. These companies have reduced many of the violations committed by expatriate workers in the UAE and Kuwait. They select their labor carefully, test them medically, and provide them with proper training before sending them to work.

Abdul Baqi Ajlan, Saudi Ambassador to Ethiopia, said earlier that the Kingdom would require each housemaid to undergo psychological tests before moving to the Kingdom to work for a Saudi family. He added that this would definitely reduce violations and crimes committed by Ethiopian housemaids.

Meanwhile, the Philippine overseas labor department required all Filipino domestic helpers who want to travel to the Kingdom for work to enroll in an Arabic language program to learn the language and the Saudi culture, according to Manila Standard Today daily, which is issued in the Philippines. It was reported also that the labor department would provide future labor with classes that focus on self-control and ways to integrate with society and families in general. Domestic helpers will learn basic Arabic words and phrases that are used on daily basis at households.

The head of the national committee for recruitment, Saad Al-Baddah,  has called for an immediate ban on the recruitment of maids from Ethiopia.

Al-Baddah had previously called on ministers of health in the Gulf to conduct mental examinations on workers who are recruited to work in these countries.

He said the Kingdom recruits 80,000 workers a month of both genders.

“Ethiopian Regime Middle East Slave Trade” as Young maids Aljazeera’s Covering up


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This  a video organized by Aljazeera to cover the recent accord between the Ethiopian regime and that of Qatar government  which we have criticized as “Slave Trade young Ethiopian Girls sold to Arabs in  Middle East.” Calling back our article criticizing this accord, the two governments set this program to clean their images. Aljazeera as an organ of the government of Qatar acted to make this video for both states to assure the good functioning of the modern slave trade.

Many Ethiopian girls lost their lives either by direct killing or abuse of the slave master in Libya and Lebanon and other gulf countries. We invite you to see the following videos here under. Many lost their precious life thrown out of building tops, other burned with host water by a jealous wife of the master.

We condemned the accord and the media Aljazeera serving as a mouth piece to the dictatorial regime  of Ethiopia’s modern slave trade as a media of cover-up.

Writing the following big lie – “Ethiopia has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, but half of the country’s young workers are out of a job.”

Moreover, to cover that the 20 years of Ethiopian dictatorial regime’s inhuman  practice Aljazeera wrote “

This situation is prompting some people to use desperate and sometimes dangerous measures to find better opportunities elsewhere, including paying to be smuggled into other countries.”

Shamelessly  Aljazeera claim “ they chose to go to Middle Eastern countries as an alternative of their choice –“

Others choose the legal path and apply for work in Gulf countries. “

Shame on the government of Ethiopia and and shame on Aljazeera to cover up this in human modern slave trade.



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Ethiopian regime made pact with Qatar to continue  the modern day slavery   of Young Ethiopian girls