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                                               Revolution Continue in Asmara

 New Supra committee of 5 named   4 Major General  4 Arrested 4  assigned to House Arrest!!!

Our sources form Asmara

Following the 21 January, 2013 army mutinies that occupied   Ministry of Information, on the 28th February, 2013 the Eritrean regime named a new Supra Body   composed of 5 Brigadier Generals with full  & unlimited power.  The New body   is running the country right now and putting people in prison in mass those  suspect of supporting the mutineers. The only person above the new Supra Committee is the figure head Isasias Afwerki.  Hundreds of Colonels are arrested others are under house arrest the rest are fleeing the country.  The mountaineers are  said to be barricaded in Adi Keyih  stronghold in central plateau led by Col. Osman Salah.

Previously Eritrea was run de facto by 5 Operation areas as we have mentioned in our previous information, but today since most of the 1st and the 5th operation area’s soldiers run away to Sudan and Ethiopia due to shortage food, prolonged services and luck of  freedom  only three are left . These three with a new labeling called EZ or Command are running the  country from  the west, south and East regions of Eritrea. The country is still without a state apparatus and everything is run as it was in 1991 when EPLF’ liberated Eritrea.

Due to the fear of muteness joining Ethiopian camp Eritrean government is forced to start Peace Negotiation with Ethiopia recently. Moreover, all opposition Ethiopian Armed group has been removed from border areas and taken to Alphabet camps and arrested as a precondition to negotiation with Ethiopia.

The New Supra Governing Committee chaired by BG Simon Gebre Denge   are

  • 1.      AreBG Simon Gebre Dengel,  ሲሚን ገበረ ድንግል Security internal  He was wounded in 2007 7 solder
  • 2.        Bg Tekel Kefalay  ተከለ ከፍፈላይ
  • 3.      BG Dr,  Haile Mehetusne (Dr, ሃይሌ መሕጹን
  • 4.      Brg Fesum Gebre Hiwet ( Wede Membhere ፍጽም ገበረ ህይወት)
  • 5.      BG Hadish Efrem  ሃዲሽ ኤፈሬም


These are the 3 Major Generals Arrested  at


4/3/2013    7:Eritrean Geneal 30 AM by the New Supreme Council

They were in the house arrest since the Occupation of Ministry of  Information on January 21,2013

  1.   Major General Umer Tewuil  ሜጀ ዑመር ጠዊል
  2.  Major General ሜጀ ሃይሌ ስሙኤል
  3.  Major General Tekelay Haile Selasse (Air Force) ሜጀ ተከላይ ሃ/ስላሴ

Under House Arrest are

  1.  Major General  Gerezgherሜጄ ገበረእዝጌር አንድ ማርያም- ዉጩ

General Sbehat Efrem ጄ/ ስበሃት ኤፈኤም

  1.  Major General  Umer Kaky ሜጄ/ ዑመር ካካይ
  2. ብጀ /አበረሃ ካሳ



On the 21st of   February the following officials were arrested.


  1. Abdella Jaber the Director of Organizational Affairs for the ruling party, the PFDJ and member of CC.
  2. Amanuel “Hanjema” Haile the political commissar Division 96 in the Southern Red Sea.
  3.  Mustafa Nurhussein the regional administrator (governor) of the South Zone (Akeleguzay and Seraye)
  4. Osman Jem’ee Idris , Eritrea’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

The revolution continue in Eritrea we hopping after all these changes some kind of positive democratic forms will take place


©All Rights to EPPF  Sources  From Asmara

By Prof. Muse Tegegne

Prof. Muse Tegegne has lectured sociology Change & Liberation in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Americas. He has obtained Doctorat es Science from the University of Geneva. A PhD in Developmental Studies & ND in Natural Therapies. He wrote on the problematic of the Horn of Africa extensively. And Lecture at Mobile University..

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