Abiy Inaugurated as absolute head of “Legislative Judicial & Executive”

1.- Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed sworn in as PM for second five-year termAl Jazeera English

2.- Amnesty calls on Ethiopia to improve human rights – Africanews

3.- Will Ethiopia’s genocide be worse than Rwanda’s?Washington Examiner

4.- Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed sworn in amid dissenting voices  – Africanews English

5.-Ethiopia’s PM sworn in for a second term as war spreads – Taiwan News

6.- ‘Back to square zero’: Ethiopia’s Oromos rebuke Abiy at festival – Yahoo News

7.- Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed: From peace laureate to wartime ruler – Times of India

8.- Ethiopian Prime Minister drives Buhari in Addis Ababa Daily Trust

9.-Ethiopia: Expelled UN officials violated security arrangements – The East African

10.- Ethiopia Tigray crisis: From monk to soldier – how war has split a churchBBC

11.- Ethiopian Leader Secures New Mandate as Conflict Rages On – Bloomberg

12- Ethiopian Leader Sworn in For Second Term as Conflict Rages On  – Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

Abiy’s narrow choice to declare “One Party or One Ethnic” government

1.- Ethiopia Plans to Form Government Oct. 4 Following June Vote – Bloomberg

2.- Ethiopia: Contesting Parties’ Resolve to Defended National Interest Ahead of New Parliament – Bloomberg

3.- Ethiopia prepares to establish government of the people – New Business Ethiopia

4.- Restructuring underway to make new government the most efficient – The Reporter Ethiopia

5.- EIEP: Lust for power trumped reformist zeal in Ethiopia’s election – Ethiopia Insight

6.- Ethiopian leader wins new 5-year term in ‘credible’ but ‘flawed’ vote – Amsterdam News

7.- Delayed Ethiopian Election Questions Validity Amidst Regional ViolenceThe Organization for World Peace

8.-Ethiopia: Keeping the Momentum – What Awaits the Upcoming Government– AllAfrica.com

9.-Ethiopia Needs a Constitutional Convention to End Ethnic Divisions – Foreign Policy

10.-Five reasons Ethiopia’s elections will do more harm than good – Mail and Guardian

11.-Ethiopian elections: Key states in regional structure – Yahoo News

12.-Is Ethiopia coming together or falling apart? – The Africa Report

13.-How to Stop Ethnic Nationalism From Tearing Ethiopia Apart – Foreign Policy

14.-Ethiopia PM hails ‘historic’ election after landslide win – 台北時報

Ethiopia To be Sanctioned or Not be

US threatens new sanctions over conflict in Ethiopia’s TigrayAl Jazeera video

US set to tighten sanctions on Ethiopia and warring parties – Financial Times

Biden threatens new sanctions against Ethiopian & Eritrean officials in Tigray conflict – Daily Mail

Biden signs executive order authorizing new Ethiopia sanctions amid atrocities – CNN

An Open Letter to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. @AbiyAhmedAli

United States Creates New Sanctions Regime over Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia – Gibson Dunn

US President signs Executive Order regarding Ethiopia – SABC News

Blinken: US Ready to Delay New Sanctions if Ethiopia and Eritrea Act to Resolve ConflictSputnik Inter.

Ethiopia: TPLF Terrorism Expands, Civilians Massacred – OpEd Eurasia Review

Abiy & others to pursue war than peace & Biden had no choice but to act, Senior U.S. officials sayNews Africa

Biden ‘prepared to take aggressive action’ with new Ethiopia sanctions – Citizen TV

Ethiopia sanctions | The Ethiopian government responds to US sanctions SABC News

U.S. willing to delay Ethiopia sanctions if violence ends -Blinken – Reuters

US threatens sanctions on officials in Tigray conflict | WGN Radio 720 Illinoisnewstoday.com

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Actions in Response to Crisis in Northern EthiopiaWhitehouse.gov

Abiy Incited Brutal Civil War Claims Thousands of Lives Displaced Millions ! 

Very brutal’: In Ethiopia, Tigray forces accused of abusesKMID – Local 2 News

‘My Blood Is Boiling’: War Fever Surges in Ethiopia as Its Civil War SpreadsNew York Times

OPEN LETTER | Urgent action is needed to bring calm to EthiopiaNews24

Amhara region town now home to 16000 displacedafricanews

‘We came here crying’: Tigray forces also accused of abusesYahoo News

Ethiopia: Thousands of Tigray rebels killed, military claimsYahoo News

The divisions within the UN Security Council will harm EthiopiaEthiopia Insight

Ethiopian Rebels Looted American Aid Stores, U.S. Official Says The New York Times

Dangerous trends in Ethiopia: Time for Washington’s tough loveBrookings Institution

Nine Months Later, Ethiopia Remains Embroiled In Civil WarNPR

Ethiopia: Is the Afar-Somali clash a result of government conspiracy?The Africa Report

Ethiopia: U.S., EU Run Towards Quenching Hidden Interest – AllAfrica 

Ethiopia’s Civil War Is a Disaster That’s Only Getting WorseBloomberg

U.S.  says Tigrayan forces looted aid warehouses in Ethiopia’s Amhara region – 

Abiy  A Puppet or Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Abiy calls on ‘all capable Ethiopians’ to fight Tigrayan forcesFinancial Times

Is Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed the Problem?borkena.com

Newspaper front page praising Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was fabricatedAFP 

Sanctions should be extended to Abiy and Isaias over atrocities in Tigray Today News Africa

More than 210 killed in violence in western Ethiopia: CommissionAl Jazeera English

The Guardian view on Ethiopia’s war: from very bad to worseThe Guardian

Ethiopia’s economy battered by Tigray warBBC News

Ethiopian recruits join fight against Tigray rebels Africanews

Abiy Ahmed, the Nobel peace laureate at war – Financial Time

“Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolding In Ethiopia”thewillnigeria

Shell-shocked survivors describe brutal Tigray rebel advanceFRANCE 24

America’s Misguided Policy Towards Ethiopia – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Ethiopia govt withdrawal from Tigray capital opens new chapter in warReuters

Amhara Chronicle of Destruction & Betrayal Aug 20-27, 2021

‘My Blood Is Boiling’: War Fever Surges in Ethiopia as Its Civil War Spreads – New York Times

US envoy condemn TPLF &  Peace and Unity in Ethiopia top US foreign policy – Addisstandard

Ethiopia conflict set to escalate after Tigray rebels refuse to withdraw – The Guardian

Amhara Region Says it is engaged militarily on multiple fronts against the TPLF – Addisstandard

Amhara Region Says It Is Engaged Militarily On Multiple Fronts Against the TPLFAllAfrica

Massacres, war fuel ethnic fervour in Ethiopia’s Amhara – FRANCE 24

Ethiopia’s Amhara rallies residents to fight Tigrayan forces -Al Jazeera  

Young men in Ethiopia’s Amhara start to mobilise against Tigray forces – Reuters

Attacks in the Amhara region send thousands fleeing in search of safety – Ethiopiaobserver

Amhara Regional Govt Cautions Community Against ‘Infiltrators’ – AllAfrica

Debre Tabor : TPLF rebels shelling killed at least five civilians – Borkena

አፈትልኮ የወጣ የሰላዩ ሚስጥር! | የድምፅ ቅጅ! ኢትዮ ኒውስ

ጦርነቱ ለኦህዴድ/ለነ አብይ የውሸት ነው-ቆይታ ከደህንነቱ ሹሙ አቶ አያሌው መንገሻ ጋርአማራ ሚድያ ማእከል 

Ethiopia in the Lion’s Den ኢትዮጵያ በአንበሳው ዋሻ!

Ethiopia Is at a Crossroads. Can the Nation Survive in Its Current Form?TIME

Ethiopia: Growing concerns for unity as Tigray conflict spreadsYahoo News

Dozens of bodies found floating in river between Ethiopia’s Tigray and SudanThe Guardian

USAID chief urges Tigray rebels to exit border regionsYahoo News

As crisis accelerates in Ethiopia, the US should provide a safe harbor | TheHill 

Amhara official says offensive against Tigray forces imminentAl Jazeera English

Abiy Ahmed’s Destabilization of Ethiopia Homeland Security Today 

Protesters close road, rail links between Djibouti, Addis Ababa – official Reuters

US warns Ethiopia of ‘dehumanizing rhetoric’ on Tigray The Washington Post

Tigrya Forces Vow ‘Warm Welcome’ in Face of New Offensive –   Voice of America

Cold War Redux: The West Loses Africa’s Horn – borkena.com

Fighting displaces 200000 in Ethiopia’s Amhara region -U.N. aid chiefReuters

Tigrayan fighters reportedly seize control of UN World Heritage Site in Ethiopia – CNN

The Fratricide in Ethiopia A “Just War”?

In Ethiopia, echoes of Yugoslavia  – POLITICO Europe

Ethiopia Must End Internal Colonialism, or It Will Fall Apart Like YugoslaviaForeign Policy

Abiy Ahmed’s Destabilization of Ethiopia – Homeland Security Today

Ethiopians deserve a future they can be proud of Financial Times

Massacres, war fuel ethnic fervor in Ethiopia’s AmharaFRANCE 24

Ethiopia’s Amhara rallies residents to fight Tigrayan forces –  Al Jazeera 

Ethiopia: Open letter to Prime Minister Abiy – pursue the path of peaceThe Africa Report

Amhara state instructs regional forces to move from “self-defense to offensive” HSToday

Ethiopian parents living in agony as students stranded in Tigray – Al Jazeera 

Ethiopia Conflict – Tigray Forces Claim March to Addis Ababa ‘Now Possible’ AllAfrica.com

ቅድሚያ ለብሔራዊ ኅልውና! | ልዩ ትንታኔ!Ehio News – ኢትዮ ኒውስ

Abiy Ahmed’s Double Identity – Peace Laurate & War-Monger

Ethiopia’s leader won the Nobel Peace Prize. Now he’s accused of war crimes Washington Post

The Nobel committee should resign over the atrocities in TigrayThe Guardian

How Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed went from man of peace to a leader at war – Financial Times

 New front opens in Ethiopian war as TPLF takes fight to AbiyFinancial Times

Genocide fears after Ethiopian PM vows to crush ‘weeds’ of TigrayThe Times

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wins Nobel Peace PrizeAljazeera

Ethiopia’s Tigray forces enter neighboring Afar region, Afar saysReuters

Fighting in Ethiopia’s Afar forces 54000 people to flee, official saysReuters

Massacres, war fuel ethnic fervor in Ethiopia’s AmharaFRANCE 24

Tigray Loss Is Just Start of Abiy’s Headache –  Bloomberg

Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed’s Choices – Negotiation or Calamity!The Elephant

 Amhara Homeland under threat of mass Invasion

Tigray forces mobilise against militias from neighboring province – The Guardian

 Amhara state warns Tigrayan attempt to retake western Tigray – addisstandard

Forces From Ethiopia’s Tigray Region Say They Are Pushing South– U.S. News & World Report

Amhara troops attacking Tigray people in Humera and Alamata – Garowe Online

Sudan & Ethiopia’s dispute in fertile border area threatens stabilityMiddle East Eye

Containing the Volatile Sudan-Ethiopia Border Dispute – Ethiopia – ReliefWeb

Government Contradicts UNOCHA Account of Tekeze Bridge Destruction By Amhara Special Forces, Blames TPLF  – AllAfrica

Ethiopia govt withdrawal from Tigray capital opens new chapter in war – Reuters

Bridging the Divide in Ethiopia’s North – crisisgroup

Many feared dead in renewed violence in central Gonder; authorities blame “Kimant rebels”, witnesses blame regional security– addisstandard.com

ጦ-ር-ነ-ቱ ተጀመረ አማራ ክልል እየገቡ ነው የአማራ ክልል አስቸኳይ መግለጫAddis Monitor 

US urges Ethiopian unity after criticizing election – Yahoo News

Abiy Ahmed Wins New 5-Year Term In A ‘Credible’ But ‘Flawed Vote’ – OpEd

Incoherence  of Abiy’s Ceasefire & Maxims of TPLF’s Preconditions

1.- Ethiopia: Tigray rebels accept ceasefire but set out conditions – The Guardian

2.- Ethiopia-Tigray Conflict: Cease-Fire Declared By Government Amid Retreat – NPR

3.-    Tigray Loss Is Just Start of Abiy’s Headache – Bloomberg

4.-  Rebel resurgence raises questions for Abiy Ahmed – BBC News

5.- How can Ethiopia claim to have laid down its arms when it continues to weaponize starvation? -Washington Post

6.- Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: Accept our rule or no ceasefire, rebels say – Yahoo News

7.- Tigray Rebels Accept Ceasefire with Ethiopian Government – Daily Beast

8.- Ethiopians call for stability after ceasefire – AP Archive

9.- Trapped in Ethiopia’s Tigray, People ‘Falling Like Leaves’ – Voice of America

11.- Tigrayan Forces Parade Ethiopian Soldiers Through Regional Capital –  The New York Times

12.- A Milestone in China and a Reversal in Ethiopia’s Tigray War – World Politics Review

13.- TPLF lays out conditions for truce talks with Ethiopian gov’t – Al Jazeera English

14.- Captured Ethiopian Soldiers Marched Through Tigray to Prison – The New York Times

15.-Why Is Ethiopia at War in the Tigray Region? – The New York Times

16.-Ethiopia Conflict Takes Dramatic Turn as Tigray Rebels Retake Regional Capital Wall Street Journal


Ethiopia in Post 2021 Election needs an Inclusive Convention

1.- Ethiopia’s PM wanted legitimacy – did he get it? GZERO Media

2.- A Political Solution Is the Only Way: Crisis Escalates in Ethiopia Amid War, 

Famine & Elections –   Democracy Now!

3.- Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, Is Tearing the Country Apart – The New York Times

4.-Abiy Ahmed and the tarnishing of the world’s most famous prize –   The Washington Post

5.-The Plough and the Kalashnikov: Ethiopia after the election –  Daily Maverick

6.-Building a Stronger Democracy in Ethiopia – United States Department of State 

7.-Ethiopia:  US “Gravely Concerned” About Election Environment As Lack of Security,       Irregularities Besiege the Process – Calls for Post-Election Inclusive DialogueAllAfrica.com

8.-Hopes and fears as Ethiopians in the Amhara region await election resultsAfricanews English

9.-Ethiopian Elections, Delta Variant – Foreign Policy

10.-Ethiopia: Deadly Tigray airstrike further alienates western allies – DW 

Abiy’s last gamble in a Banana Republic Election!

1.- Ethiopian elections: In the eyes of the international community, 

this vote ‘is already tainted’ FRANCE 24 English video

2.- Ethiopia’s encumbered elections – Democracy and societyIPS Journal

3.Electoral test for Abiy as Ethiopians vote in first ‘free’ poll  – Financial Times

4.- Tigray crisis overshadows Ethiopia electionsAl Jazeera English video

5.- Ethiopia’s Harar, Ogaden and Tigray excluded from electoral voteAl Jazeera English

6.- He pledged unity. But now PM hopes to tighten grip on war-torn Ethiopia – The Guardian

7.- Ethiopia election: Will delayed polls mirror those of the past?Al Jazeera English

8.- U.S. says it is ‘gravely concerned’ about Ethiopia electionsReuters

9.-Ethiopian elections: Key states in regional structure –  Yahoo News

10.-‘It was a war’: Ethnic killings cloud Ethiopia’s election buildupFRANCE 24

11.- Five reasons Ethiopia’s elections will do more harm than good Mail and Guardian

12.-Why has civil war returned to Ethiopia?The Economist

13.- Ethiopian elections 2021: Fact-checking Abiy’s recordYahoo News

Abiy Under  Insurmountable Pressure on mass atrocities!

Ethiopia tries to pre-empt G7 criticism over Tigray – POLITICO Europe

I am particularly close to the people of Tigray, Ethiopia Pope Francis @Pontifex 

US ‘gravely concerned’ ahead of elections in Ethiopia – Al Jazeera English

US is right to impose sanctions on Ethiopia – Financial Times

U.N. Says Ethiopia’s Civil War Has The Country On The Brink Of Catastrophe – NPR

Prelude to War? The US/NATO, Egypt, and Ethiopian Sovereignty  – The Florida Star

‘There is famine in Ethiopia right now,’ says UN aid chief – CNN

Egypt and Sudan will confront any unilateral Ethiopian action on the Dam FM – Arab News

Ethiopia holds anti-US rally over Tigray, supports China and Russia – Africanews English

‘It Was A War’: Ethnic Killings Cloud Ethiopia’s Election Buildup – Voice of America

Fano Arbegna Ethiopian People’s Army or Militia / vigilante

Ethiopia’s Amhara Seizes Disputed Territory Amid Tigray War – Bloomberg

Ethiopia’s Amhara rejects charge of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Tigray – Al Jazeera

Ethiopia: leaders of Tigray region admit they attacked neighbouring Amhara – Guardian

Bridging the Divide in Ethiopia’s North | Crisis Group – International Crisis Group

Fano (nationalist movement) – Wikipedia

Ethiopia: Rape, extrajudicial executions, homes set alight in security operations in Amhara and Oromia – Amnesty International

Ethiopia: Analysis – Many Feared Dead in Renewed Violence in Central Gonder – Authorities Blame “Kemant Rebels”, Witnesses Blame Regional Security – AllAfrica

Fano Will Not Lay Down Arms If Demands Are Not Met: Chairman ezega.com

Fano Amhara Military Victory ፋኖ አማራ ጀግናው ጦር ድል – YouTube

Ethiopia at the Crossroad! video

Ethiopia’s Amhara ethnic group accuses Biden of ignoring atrocitiesFox News

Ethiopia Is Turning Into Yugoslaviawatchjerusalem.co.il

Why Ethiopia is invading itselfVox.com

It’s time for Africa to take a stance against Ethiopia’s crimes  – Al Jazeera English

US is right to impose sanctions on EthiopiaFinancial Times

Ethiopia Tigray crisis: Warnings of genocide and famineBBC News

 Ethiopians suffer horrific burns in suspected white phosphorus attacksThe Telegraph

US to penalise Ethiopian officials ‘responsible’ for Tigray conflictFinancial Times

Ethiopians protest US sanctions over brutal Tigray warThe Associated Press

Ethiopian hospitals trashed by soldiers as Tigray fighting escalatesThe Times

Will US restrictions bring an end to Tigray violence? | Inside Story  – Al Jazeera English

Over 1.7 million displaced due to conflict need urgent assistance in EthiopiareliefWeb

Amhara Protest & Abby’s End – Mengistu or Gaddafi’s choice! 

1.- Ethiopian police teargas protesters in Amhara: local party official – Reuters

2.-Protests in Ethiopia’s Amhara region as two villages destroyed in ethnic violence Morning Star

3.- Protests  in multiple cities in Amhara region denouncing attacks against Amhara – addisstandard

4.- Ethiopian gov’t response to the ongoing protest against Amhara genocide – borkena.com

5.- Ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s Amhara kills ‘up to 200’: Official | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah

6.- Protesters urge Biden to take action against Ethiopia for genocide

 of Amhara, Orthodox Christians -Christian Post

7.- Ethiopia: Tigray, Sudan, Amhara… The multiple crises of Abiy Ahmed – The Africa Report

8.- Why is ethnic violence surging in Ethiopia? – aljazeera

9.- Ethiopia: Terara Network | የአጣዬ መንገድ የት ያደርሰናል? Video Terara Network

10.Death toll from clashes between Ethiopian Amhara, Oromo groups rises to 50 -residentsReuters 

11.- Amid violence, Ethiopia declares state of emergency in Amhara – aljazeera

Abiy’s Nightmare to be legitimate & Elected Premier of Ethiopia! 

1.- Ethiopia announces national election to be held in June – FRANCE 24 English

2.-Ethiopia: Board Discusses Progress, Challenges Faced in Election Process – AllAfrica.com

3.- 6th General Elections Would Not be Held in Tigray: Officials – Ezega

4.- Ethiopia’s 2021 elections: rules, actors, and mechanisms – Ethiopia Insight

5.-Harari National Congress says decision by Electoral Board ‘Not acceptable’ – addisstandard.com

6.- At Least 100 Killed in Border Clashes Between Ethiopia’s Somali and Afar Regions – U.S. News

7.- Brutal conflict in Tigray threatens breakup of Ethiopia – WSWS

8.-Ethiopia establishes national committee to oversee upcoming June election – cgtn.com

9.- Ethiopia: voter registration did not happen in some places, says Election Board – borkena.com

10.-Ethiopia postpones voters’ registration for general elections, citing regional delays – Xinhua

11.Ethiopia: Election campaign in full swing –  Anadolu Agency

12.-በአራት ተፎካካሪ የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች መከካል የተደረገ የመጀመሪያ ዙር የምርጫ ክርክር #FANA VIDEO AMHARIC 

13.- ተቃዋሚዎችን ያስቆጣው፤ ዐቢይ ስለምርጫው ንግግር Abiy on Election 2021 –  Zehabesha VIDEO AMHARI

War Drum On the Ethiopian Dam!

1.-  Egypt-Sudan hold military exercise amid crisis with EthiopiaAl-Monitor

2.- Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: ‘All Options Open’, Egypt Warns After Another Collapse in TalksSputnik Int

3.- ‘All options are on the table’: Egypt’s president warns on Ethiopian dam – The National

4.- US, Ethiopia Discuss Importance of Continued Regional Dialogue on GERD – Asharq Al-awsat – 

5.- Sudan says Nile dam talks end without progress due to “Ethiopian obstinacy”Capital FM Kenya

6.- Egypt supports South Sudan to secure Nile share –  Al-Monitor

7.- Climate change threatens the Nile’s critical water supplyQuartz

8.- How will the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam harm Egyptians? Egypttoday

9.-Ethiopia vows to defy threats from neighbours and fill mega-damThe Times

10- Renaissance Dam: Houthis propose mediation for Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt – Middle East Monitor

11.- Ethiopia invites Egypt, Sudan to nominate operators in data exchange on GERD’s 2nd fillingDaily News Egypt

12.- Egypt rejects Ethiopian invitation to exchange data on second GERD fillingDaily News Egypt

13.- Dam crisis: Options at hand for Egypt – opinionThe Jerusalem Post

14.-Nile dam crisis: Egypt and Sudan reject ‘suspicious’ Ethiopian proposalThe National

15.-Archbishop of Alexandria warns that dam project has reached a ‘potentially dangerous’ phase –  Church Times

16.- Egypt, Uganda sign security cooperation agreement as Sisi warns Ethiopia over Nile dam The New Arab

17.- Egypt’s Sisi threatens Ethiopia with war over Nile dam  – PRESSTV

18.- A Cold War is Brewing on the Blue NileBloomberg

19.-Tensions Mount in North Africa After Dam Talks End in FailureThe Media Line

20.-Negotiations over GERD dispute fail to reach agreement China daily USA

1.- UN Pressure on Ethiopia Ramps Up as Humanitarian Crisis Deepens Bloomberg

2.- Diaspora Protesters in US, Canada Back Ethiopian Handling of Tigray Conflict VOA

3.- Ethiopia diplomat quits US post, cites atrocities in Tigray Taiwan News

4.- Top US diplomat decries ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Ethiopia’s TigrayAl Jazeera English

5.- Ethiopia sends arms to insurgent group to occupy city on Blue Nile: Sudan Egypt Today

6.- Ethiopian Canadians rally in London, Ont. over conflict back homeCTV News London

  1. Biden Is Deeply Concerned, Highly Engaged on Ethiopia: White House U.S. News & World Report

8.-  US condemns ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray regionFRANCE 24

9.- Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: Blinken says US concerned about atrocitiesBBC News

10.- Ethiopia Calls U.S. Claims of Ethnic Cleansing ‘Spurious’ Bloomberg

1.-UN rights chief underscores urgency of impartial, investigation into Tigray atrocities – Amnesty Int

2.- በመተከል ዞን ማንዱራ ወረዳ “ሰላም ለሁሉም፤ ሁሉም ለሰላም” የእርቅ – EBC

3.-UN rights chief says war crimes may have been committed in Ethiopian massacre – CNN

4.- EU development chief calls for united response on Ethiopia –  Devex

5.-U.N. seeks access to Ethiopia’s Tigray for war crimes probe – Reuters

6.- Young men take up arms in northern Ethiopia as atrocities fuel insurgency – The Guardian

7.- 9 Things To Know About The Unfolding Crisis In Ethiopia’s Tigray Region – NPR

8.- Ethiopia: Eritrean Forces Massacre Tigray Civilians – Human Rights Watch

9.- To End Ethiopia’s Tigray War, the UN and AU Must Act –   Foreign Policy

1.- Ethiopia: ‘Scores Killed’ Anti-Government Protests in Tigray – AllAfrica

2.- The UN must intervene in Tigray –  Kathmandu Post

3.-  Sudan warns Ethiopia a war that threatens regional stability – Arab News

4.- Ethiopian politicians in hunger strike urge end to impasse – Moneyweb.co.za

5.- OLLAA Calls on the Ethiopia to Respect the Rights of Ethiopian Protesters – EIN 

6.- Egypt Says Has Several Proposals to Solve GERD Crisis – Asharq Al-awsat 

7.-  Pressure on Abiy as Ethiopia admits rape widespread in north – Africa Report

8.- Sudan : ‘Mediation between Khartoum and Addis faces obstacles’ – Middle East Monitor

9.- Ethiopia’s awfully bumpy road to elections – The Reporter Ethiopia

10.- How to Stop Ethnic Nationalism From Tearing Ethiopia Apart –  Foreign Policy

11-  From Myanmar to Ethiopia, internet shutdowns become favoured tool of regimes– CBC.ca

12.- Ethiopia: Watering Democratic Institutions for a Free and Fair Election AllAfrica.com


By Prof. Muse Tegegne

Prof. Muse Tegegne has lectured sociology Change & Liberation in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Americas. He has obtained Doctorat es Science from the University of Geneva. A PhD in Developmental Studies & ND in Natural Therapies. He wrote on the problematic of the Horn of Africa extensively. And Lecture at Mobile University..

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