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Ahmed Maher and Ahmed Salah of Egypt

Islamic Revolt 2012 “Social Insurgency vs Sectarianism” ? the Case of Ethiopia

Islam in Ethiopia is known since the time of the Prophet.
The first Hijrah was in Ethiopia at the order of the Mohammed the founder of Islam.

Since the Arab Spring of 2011 Ethiopia tested its share reaching climax in 2012.
This video shows the different positions of the Ethiopian Islamist and the different manifestations those anti and pro as the situation start being exploited by the regime which is leading to more exacerbation and more clamp down with no solution.

The revolt would lead to general uprising and regime change, if it is not kidnapped by sectarians and only if the other sector of the society joins the insurgency.

Uganda Joined the North African uprisings, Museveni spend his time buying Jet planes and Melese Constructing Death Dams in Ethiopia

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The recent mutiny  in Abidjan, the army revolt in Burkina Faso and the uprising in Kampala demonstrate that Africans have joined the Arabic uprisings to eliminate there  in human dictators. In Uganda the Protest is led by the city which supported Musevenie to power- Mbale. The protest was triggered by food  price and the  repeted arrest of the opposition leader for the 4th time in a month  Dr. Kiza Besigye. The same is expected any time in Ethiopia while the regime is trying to divert the attention towards Eritrea and by constructing a Death Dam of inhuman proportion to irrigate the grabbed land of the starving millions.

The man in power in Uganda since 1986, President Museveni’s ordered his army to shoot at everything that moves the streets of Kampala like his friend Gaddafi in Misrata. It was  best  demonstration his dictatorial behavior which is similar to that of Gaddafi and Idi Amin Dada when his soldiers wounded a child in the streets of his capital today.

Uganda as a nation is start seeing the return of Idi Amin’s times when Museveni could not help the rising prices of basic commodities and fuel, and the loss of life and pain inflicted on them by his forces. Rather he bloody confirmed that the rising prices of food, is good news to farmers like Melese Zenawie of Ethiopia.  Musevine in Kampala and Melese in Addis Ababa  Knew well and good the high prices of food commodities are due to a number of factors beyond farmers’ control or could be controlled  by artificially imposing prices like in Ethiopia. It seems the African dictators are far disconnected from the reality on the ground.

First, prices are high due to low food production. It is simply  when the supply is low, prices tend to be high and vice versa. Farmers are not going to  reap money from rising prices just from the air. The Dictator of Kampala is responsible for the t negligence in the agricultural sector is to blame for the food scarcity and hence high prices and poor living conditions like his collage in Ethiopia Melese Zenawie. The later is megalomaniac is  building dams while over 2 million Ethiopians are starving to death.

The great lakes dictator dream that Uganda could become a food basket for Africa  is far from reality.

Like in Ethiopia the Ugandans are disappointed by the way the nation’s resources and money have been spent- purchase of the multi-million fighter jets. Again like Ethiopia  Ugandans need today is ability to feed their children, send them to school and be able to meet basic health care services. President Museveni is aware that sophisticated weaponry does not necessarily ensure the survival of a government since he defeated the mighty army of Milton Obote having started his guerrilla group with only 27 guns and his friend  Melees to defeat the great army of Mengistu Haile Mariam with few university drop outs. Nor the great  Death dam in Ethiopia will save Melees Zenawi from the coming Social tsunami.

What keeps the government in power and ensures the safety of its nationals is the WILL of the people. It was people’s will that brought President Museveni to power. Once people lose trust in the government, it cannot survive anymore. Gaddafi has got all sorts of arms but used it against his won people. Therefore, why should the nation waste all this money on weapons in Uganda and Dams in Ethiopia while people are starving in both countries?

In Ethiopian and in Uganda the only enemy one can think of is the opposition; those individual  who do not share the same political ideology with their respective  current regimes.  Not surprisingly, all the arms purchased will be used to kill nobody but Ugandans! And all the dam waters on the Nile will be used to irrigate the grabbed starving farms fields.

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Arabian Social Tsunami is grooving Djibouti before the long coming Ethiopian uprising

The Social Tsunami that swept the Arabian world has just reached the Horn of Africa.  Thousands of demonstrators engulfed the divided dictatorial regime of Djibouti demanding the t president Ismail Omar Guelleh, the close friend of the Ethiopian killer Melese Zenawie to resign. This latest in a series will not leave Ethiopian untouched. The Melese Zenawie has already started tightening security around the universities and high schools.

In the capital Djibouti thousands of police are deployed around, the demonstrators gathered at a stadium on Friday with the intention of staying there until their demands were met.

At dusk the confrontation   escalated into clashes, as the security forced used batons and tear gas against stone-throwing protesters and sum shooting also being heard.

Omar Guelleh after serving two terms accepted advice of his friend Melese Zenawie the Ethiopian dynastic ruler, two present himself for the third time in April in the coming election in April. He changed in the constitution   to assure his third unlimited term.

Three opposition parties has joined the protestations   and demanded the embattled Dictator to step down.  Ismael Guedi Hared spoke in the meeting for sustained protestation till the dictator leave power.

The principal opposition leader Abdurrahman Boreh gave his support for the protestors from his forced exile in Briton.

Omar Gullah has been in power two years more than Mubarak in the tiny republic where politic is divided between the Afars and the Somali   tribesmen since independence in 1977.

The Little Eastern African country would have been taken out by the Somalian syndrome without the French and American strong military presence.

In Djibouti the protest started 3 day after the Egyptian uprising. Still passed unnoticed every Friday prayers since January 28 the demonstrations continue reaching now a climax to a sustained protest in the central stadium. For Djiboutian standards there is a high turnout of protestors seeing the nomadic nature of the population.

The 63-year-old Guelleh is preparing to win the coming April vote applying the methodology of his neighbor Melese Zenawie of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian dictator suspecting any time soon a mass explosion his starving subjects    the same ways as the revolution that swept away the 45 year old regime of the Emperor Haile Selasse in 1974.

Revolt and Massacre in the “Arabian Nights” : Bahrain,Libya, Yemen, Algeria …

The Arab streets declared war on ruling  dictators and despots extending from Tunisia via Libya cleaning Egypt and forcing the Jordanian King to reform his government, with nonstop revolting extending from Yemen to Bahrain.

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Since the creation of artificial post colonial Arab states by Laurence of Arabia in the early 19th century for the benefit of the leaving colonial powers , the mass was set to sleep in long hibernation.  The dominated manipulated  sleeping giant  360 million strong Arabs are  weakling up by social Tsunami blowing  the despot  away through social media as  an arm of liberation as was guns in the  African revival in 1960’s and 70’s liberation struggle.

The new revival would eventually provoke new war in the region triggered by the Arabian night’s surviving  deposits against Iran with Israel.

The Libyan killer orders the shooting of his people over 70 innocent in the week end and lost the control of the country except the capital and the protesters cried  “Gadaffi Go Go To Africa  join the dictators”.  The worst come form century old Califa of Bahrain thinking he is in the Arabian nights orders his swards over his people.

At un  number  protesters were killed only 4 were accounted, while the number will soured over 100 in a bloody crack-down in Bahrain after tanks ordered by the Califa king entered the capital and security forces smashed a tent city in the main square, opening fire with grapeshot. The situation is fraught with risk since a Sunni monarchy minority rules a Shia majority with mixed Iranian ancestry and big ties to Tehran.

“Watch Iranian Press Tv on Bahrain Revolt”

The Saudis have already dispatched troops and equipment to put down the uprising before the social Tsunami. Iran is preparing to send two warships through the Suez Canal to support its Syrian ally led to hot words with Israel.

Kaddafi, the worst of the Arabian despot just killed cold bloody  20 people  to stop the “Day of Anger” , while there was a fifth day of violent clashes in Yemen continue menacing the to break the country to two.

Arabian revival increasing oil prices are becoming a threat to the global economy, hitting the net oil consumers of China, Europe, and Japan the most not sparing US.

Maher & Salah, SHABAB 6 APRIL Social Media bloggers led the Egyptian social Revolution that changed the country forever..

The Egyptian social Tsunami has started by a faceless face book Social Media movement known as the April 6 Movement’ has been organizing the last three years. It took the Tunisian uprising to get it a new social dynamic as spring board to start the protest.

They are the main organizers of the l upheaval that swept away the government of Hosni Mubarak.  Formed around three years ago, the loosely organized social network forum had never foreseen for itself back then a role as vehement as it holds currently.

The three years old movement started is seeds in the Egyptian workers movement similar to the polonaise movement of solidarity in 1980s but equipped with a social media at their service and disposal and younger groups than that of the Eastern Soviet satellite state in is time.

The movement was started three years ago by young internet activists Ahmed Maher and Ahmed Salah in order to mobilize support for striking industrial workers El-Mahalla El-Kubra. They used the power of media and organize people to support the cause of the workers, who were planning a strike April 6, 2008.

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The young bloggers called on the supports and the participants to wear black and stay home the day of the strike. Bloggers and citizen journalists used Face book, Twitter, Flicker, blogs to inform one another and the general public about the protest.

In Egypt only about one in nine Egyptians has Internet access, and around 9 percent of that group are on Face book which make a total of 800,000 members. If we compare even that much of Ethiopians are not connected in Diaspora leave alone in the country. The recent estimate only one out 10 Ethiopian in Diaspora consult the internet today.

Under Mubrak Egyptian are legal prisoners of his system like Melese Zenawie of Ethiopia.  The only out let to the young Egyptian is the social media. Under Mubarak an estimated 18,000 Egyptians were imprisoned. The Egyptian police used to arrests people without any charges. The government has banned political organizations and makes it illegal for more than five people to gather without a license from the government. All Newspapers are monitored by the Ministry of Information in order not to criticizing Mubarak.   Thus the main base of the movement is the country’s media orientated youth, since they are the main benefiters of social media for social change.

The April 6 movement a youth coalition and says they are not political party and that it will not contest elections.

The Mubarak regime had sensed the movement back May 2008 by arresting   Maher  and found nothing tangible and realized him, and in July the same year as  a provocateur and unrest organizer then.  His co organizer of Social unrest through social media, Ahmed Salah, was finally arrested last week but it was too late to stop the volcano.

April 6 Movement Manifesto !

“We are a group of Egyptian youth brought together for the love of Egypt and the desire for reform  … Although the vast majority of us do not belong to any political trend or linked to politics , however, we are determined to complete the road, we believe we can continue from where others stopped.. We are convinced of our ability and our right to change this sad reality… We have agreed on the patriotism and sacrifice for it and the desire to reform this nation, we started on, April 6 2007 this historic day in the lives of Egyptians and Egyptian political movements, as we have with some parties and political forces called for a general strike that day to protest against the deteriorating living conditions, and we had to call for the strike by all means, including the popular Face book site, and there was a great response to the strike, where most students did not go to schools and universities that day, and most employees from different governmental sectors did not go to work, and the streets were almost empty all over the country, but the largest response to the strike was in the town of Mahalla , where Mahalla inhabitants stood against the blind stick of security ,as people took place in the mass protests ,faced the security and their tear gas and bullets, injuring dozens and killing three people and arresting hundreds of Mahalla people, despite the heated situation in the danger area Youth April 6 did not miss sharing Mahalla people their crisis and witnessing the arrogance of the security, and the violence against the people of Mahalla protesters and they also witnessed the destruction of Mahalla by thugs hired by the Security to complete the series of burning and destruction of the town of Mahalla , the castle of Egyptian industry.
Young people went out on April 6 heading towards downtown in Cairo to protest and actually a large number of April 6 youth went out to the streets that day, where some of them got arrested , and some of them continued detention for more than a month, and some were released on the same day.
Despite all that Youth April 6 refuses to surrender or retreat, they decided to complete the journey towards changing the current situation and reform the result of more than a quarter century of corruption and emergencies.
We Youth April 6 movement believe that the change and reforming of Egypt will not happen by claims or petitions, we will achieve it by providing real alternatives and real solutions to find a real alternative for political, economic and social Renaissance in Egypt that provides stability and security of the Egyptian citizen.
And we Youth April 6 movement believe that this will happen only by the move of young people – as they are the real one who will benefit from the change when it happens, as they exceed 60 % of the Egyptian population..
Our youth are the future leaders and our energy today.
And the cooperation of all political forces to unite and work together to bring about change for the reform of Egypt and get rid of the corruption, destruction and waste of wealth for more than a quarter of a century.
In the end, we do not call for a new group… Or a new party, but we call on all Egyptians (individuals – communities – parties – (dedicated in all sectors) to meet at one project: the awakening of the people to stop the unjust oppression of the corruptive gang and the elimination of corruption and despotism.
(Trying to be the conscience of our precious Egypt)

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Youth April 6 movement