” Melese’s 4 Point Plan for Issais Afwerki” caricatur of Eritrean- Ethiopian Dictatorial War games

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This is a caricatural presentation of Ethiopian & Eritrean leaders trip in an inevitable eventual collision course between the two belligerence dictatorial regimes. Since war is their Reason d’ètre.

The Ethiopian dictator in his 17 of April, 2012 Parliament address has proposed 4 point plan as a solution of his regime to f his brother in arm Issias’s Afwerki of Asmara.
The recent kidnapping and killing of foreign tourists in the Afar region of Ethiopia has ignited the conflict between the two belligerence states.

Since 1998 Ethiopia and Eritrea did not stop rekindling the century old colonial inherited conflict. Eritrea is a pure colonial Creation of Italian ambition as a spring board to conquer the Horn of Africa with undefined boarder openings which recently virtually demarcated but Ethiopia never endorsed…

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