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Famine Eldorado :- After Band-Aid Assurance-AId – Ethiopianism

[flashvideo image=images/InsuranceFami.jpg file=videos/InsuringFaEthiopia.flv /]

Watch the new Famine Eldorado. The art of   money  making. Anew method  to enrich  the Assurance companies on the  coming  famine of the  Ethiopians…

Insuring against Famine – Ethiopia

March 29th, 2010

Can commercial practices like risk management prevent famine? The new manager of the World Food Program thinks so and is turning to business to revolutionize aid. Before, the entire agency worked on a crisis happening, explains World Food Programme manager, Richard Wilcox. When disaster strikes, NGOs hawk round begging bowls. Only when funds are in can food be flown to the stricken areas. Its an expensive, inefficient way of operating. Wilcox wants to prevent humanitarian Disasters striking in the first place. His latest idea is taking out weather insurance policies on behalf of Ethiopia’s subsistence farmers. In exchange for a premium paid by the WFP, insurance companies would pay out as soon as rains fail, not just when people start starving. Its hoped ideas like this will end the ad hoc nature of aid.


Throw Your Arms Around the World Bad Aid
It raised millions of pounds to buy relief for the survivors of the Ethiopian famine. Not to be undone, Harry Belafonte and Ken Kragen hastened to bring

By Prof. Muse Tegegne

Prof. Muse Tegegne has lectured sociology Change & Liberation in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Americas. He has obtained Doctorat es Science from the University of Geneva. A PhD in Developmental Studies & ND in Natural Therapies. He wrote on the problematic of the Horn of Africa extensively. And Lecture at Mobile University..

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